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QA-Z Systems Coaching and writing work procedures

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According to QA-Z Systems Coaching , ISO 9001 doesn’t stipulate operational procedures in order to comply with its requirements. Clause 7.5.1(b) (Control of production and service provision) mentions that if necessary there must be the availability of work instructions. This may be referring to what some people call a ‘Work Order’, ‘Customer Order’, or others may see it as instructions on how to perform a task or activity.

An effective Management Team is open to interpret ISO 9001 in whatever way is applicable for the organization. If there is a need to have instructions written and displayed on a wall, in a manual or another format accessible for workers to enable a successful outcome then by all means produce this. Some organizations find it necessary to have copies available in secondary languages, while others find they need to have a basic set of user-friendly diagrams, flowcharts or bulleted procedures.

Having information or instruction written down does have advantages, especially in the case of taking on relief workers or new employees. Some Management Teams find it useful to have each of their management processes documented (in addition to the management procedures and instructions required by the Standard ISO 9001). This enables the management team to temporarily or permanently leave their positions in the business for vacations, for annual or sick leave or for ease of training the next employee to take their place. Sticky notes just aren’t enough.

Formatting is entirely up to the discretion of the Management Team in relation to the type and risk of work that is conducted, and the capability and competence of workers. One page clear instructions with a simplified flowchart next to it or even just a diagram are very popular and may be adequate.

Ensure all additional details which are irrelevant to the worker are not contained on the page. It is important however to include the revision number of the procedure for document control purposes.

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