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QA-Z Consulting Specialists discuss quality assurance

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ISO 9001 Certification is not mandatory for any business in Australia as yet according to quality control consultants, QA-Z Consulting Specialists . However many government departments only wish to do business with Quality Assured businesses. 

Some organisations are finding that new businesses with directors straight out of university are securing government contracts in priority to those established in business for 30 years even without the credentials and ISO 9001 Certification. This has led to a trend of businesses implementing and getting certified with the Quality Standard has grown steadily over the past nine years since the complete overhaul of the Standard ISO 9001.

Implementing the principles of effective business management stipulated in the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 means an organisation has established structures and working processes to plan, implement their plans, check and monitor the plans are effective, and continually improve on organisational processes. Therefore, the implementation of Quality Assurance ensures that the organisation monitors every stage of product development or service delivery from the point of initial enquiry to post delivery.  

The Quality Standard ISO 9001 contains a secure foundation or framework upon which to build a new business, and also provides strong structural support for businesses that have matured and may need the added touch and additional enhancement.  The approach of the standard is to focus on meeting customer requirements effectively through the use of continual improvement strategies, and is no longer heavily weighted on nonconformities as in previous versions of the Standard. It has become a user-friendly way of standardizing processes, and has the potential to unite each department within the organization, creating a unique culture.

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