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ISO 9001: Glossary of Terms available from QA-Z Consulting Specialists

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Understanding the terminology of ISO 9001 can be a difficult task. Trying to interpret how each clause applies to businesses and deciding on an implementation strategy can seem impossible without an explanation. 

QA-Z Consulting Specialists has designed ISO 9001: Glossary of Terms to demystify the terminology within the Standard of ISO 9001:2000 and may be particularly helpful in writing the management systems. Terms will be added to this list weekly.

Terms included in the glossary and QA-Z Consulting Specialists’ interpretations are as follows:

Quality Assurance - Meeting Customer Requirements

Process (noun) - In Quality Assurance and also in business there are many processes. These may include the core processes of Installation, Maintenance, etc and also supporting or sub-processes such as recording processes, continual improvement processes, delivery processes, checking and testing processes, training processes, design processes, etc.

All these processes are directed towards a specific aim. They are in effect all the processes required for a business to be able to meet customer requirements effectively and to improve the business.

Procedure - An established or correct method of doing or accomplishing something (routine) step by step. ISO 9001:2000 only specifies six procedures that must be included in a Quality Management System; however, often businesses do not have certain procedures and wish to include these.

This often assists management when training or inducting new employees and also standardises systems to eliminate non-conformities. (When things going wrong).

Process vs Procedure - How many core processes are involved in a business?
Eg. Installation, maintenance, sales = 3

What are the procedures for each of these?
Eg. The procedure for installation is: Email enquiry + quotation + purchase order + confirmation of order, etc.

Product - Item/s being manufactured, processed, delivered, sold, etc / or any service being offered.

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