QA-Z Systems Coaching

QA-Z Systems Coaching provide fast response services for small to medium size businesses in Australia & NZ who require ISO 9001:2008 compliant Quality Systems and Certification services.

Either Coaching (for DIY approach) or Consulting (Full Package) provided.

Training Services include: for Quality Managers, ISO 9001 Principles Explained, and Internal Auditor Training.


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15/02/10 - ISO 9001 doesn’t stipulate operational procedures in order to comply with its requirements.
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05/02/10 - Use internal auditing function as an effective internal measure of how compliant the organization is and aim to ensure all processes are functioning well before the annual external audit.
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14/08/09 - Today the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 stating Quality Management System Requirements has become a central focal point for the establishment and expansion of businesses across the entire world.
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13/08/09 - ISO 9001 Certification is not mandatory for any business in Australia as yet according to QA-Z Consulting Specialists.
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