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Q-Tech Waterproofing offers quality membranes and sealants

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Q-Tech Waterproofing  is well known for offering superior quality tanking membranes. An appropriate tanking membrane is required to carry out the projects successfully. These membranes from Q-Tech Waterproofing are manufactured as per various conditions and environments such as drying out areas, exposure to salt water conditions and high movement areas.

A wide variety of tanking membranes are offered by Q-Tech Waterproofing for all kinds of sheets. Q-Tech Waterproofing also offers tanking membranes for foundations, car park basements, lift pits and for all underground waterproof areas.

Q-Tech Waterproofing also specialises in applying solid sealants to external and internal construction. Sealants are installed as per the requirements of the users to suit the environment. It is difficult to choose and use the right sealants for the projects.

Q-Tech Waterproofing designs sealants that are ideal to be used in high movement areas, water containment, mechanical loading, flexible, rigid, chemical and UV resistance and heavy traffic areas

These sealants are designed by the professionals at Q-Tech Waterproofing with utmost care. Apart from this, Q-Tech Waterproofing has a team of well-trained professionals who use concrete repair products properly for their customers. They also offer unique coating systems which protect the surface against damages caused by airborne carbons.

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