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Q-Tech Waterproofing offers high quality carbon fibre strengthening system

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Carbon fibre from Q-Tech Waterproofing is considered as a heavy duty strengthening system that can strengthen concrete and timber. Carbon fibre is an extremely solid system that is used in the construction of industrial floorings.

It is used to install heavy machinery and equipment in industrial buildings. Carbon fibre can also be used to increase live loads in warehouses. It can protect reinforced steel against corrosion.

Q-Tech Waterproofing’s carbon fibre system is ideal to be installed in vibrating structures and for the protection of materials against ageing and corrosion. This system is strong enough to manage fire and vehicle impact areas. Carbon fibre from Q-Tech Waterproofing also reduces the stress in steel reinforced areas and structures.

The professionals at Q-Tech Waterproofing are highly efficient to deal with injection technology. They use unique products with the help of this advanced technology and methods. The polyurethane and epoxy injection technology adopted by Q-Tech Waterproofing to assess each situation individually suggesting a suitable product.

Various products are offered by Q-Tech Waterproofing to cater to the requirements of both dry and wet conditions. This also fulfills structural and non-structural requirements of customers.

It is easy to achieve supreme ground stabilisation methods with the help of these injection methods. Various deficiencies and cavities can also be filled properly within the structure such as swimming pools, footings slabs, leak sealing and stabilisation.

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