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Q Tank offers quality water tank pumps

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The water tanks pumps from Q Tank are used by many industries and individuals on a large scale. The Claytech Yardsaver water tank pumps from Q Tank are ideal for watering the gardens from a rain water tank. These are highly durable water tank pumps. These water tank pumps can be used either with a standard hose or a nozzle. A water tank pump from Q Tank is provided with a pressure switch that prevents motor to be burnt even at high temperature.

Q Tank‘s ClayTech Inox 230 water tank pumps are provided with high quality components that deliver water to houses and many other places. The pump system can easily figure out if the house tap is open at homes. It starts the pump automatically to provide water. The pump stops immediately after closing the tap. These pump systems are useful as they deliver constant pressure to provide water flawlessly.

No pressure fluctuations take place and water is provided at a regular flow which is good for showers. These water tank pumps are provided with an electronic controller that protects the pump in the situations when rain water tank runs dry.

The ClayTech RainSub from Q Tank is an efficient submersible pump. These submersible pumps can be installed easily inside the rain water tank system. A hydrotronic switch with a water tank pump from Q Tank can protect the motor efficiently.

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