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Flush systems and water tank gauges from Q Tank

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Q Tank  is well known for providing a unique range of accessories for water pumps. Water tank gauges are provided by Q Tank on a large scale. These water tank gauges are highly efficient and one of the products sourced from Pacific Gauge that manufactures a complete range of level management gauges for oil, water, light fuels and diesel.

The Leaf Eater rain head from Q Tank can be connected to a down pipe at homes that feeds into the water tank. This helps cleaning the insects and debris such as twigs and leaves from the water tank. It also prevents insects and debris from entering the down pipe that end up on the strainer of an inlet. Thus, it saves the maintenance cost and can be used conveniently in heavy rainfall areas.

A First Flush system from Q Tank is designed as per recent techniques and technologies. This flush system uses a specific mechanism namely ‘ball and seat’ that helps prevent the first flush of water from entering inside the water tank during rains. The first flush system from Q Tank is highly efficient and can purify the water by removing all kinds of contaminants such as insects, animal droppings and sediments. Q Tank’s First Flush system helps improving the quality of water. This also minimises the maintenance cost and extends the life of a water pump.

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