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Toll collection systems from Q-Free Australia

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Q-Free Australia  is one of the leading suppliers that provide high quality electronic toll collection (ETC) systems. Q-Free Australia offers a wide range of national tolling systems for Portugal and Norway. The electronic toll collection systems from Q-Free Australia are well known in Croatia, Greece, Australia and Chile for their quality and durability.

Q-Free Australia manufactures its products on proven technology. The congestion charging technology has been installed by Q-Free Australia in Stockholm, Sweden. Q-Free Australia specifically focuses on the Road User Charging (RUC) market and provides a unique range of communication and transaction products that help transport operators by protecting their cash flows.

OBU, a smart card from Q-Free Australia enables user activate their on board units to pay for parking and road tolling. This is also known as a public transport card which facilitates the process of paying for parking and road tolling.

Initially, paying for the road tolling required stopping the vehicles and receiving the money before allowing the vehicle to proceed. Q-Free Australia’s electronic toll collection systems have revolutionised the Road User Charging market. These systems facilitated vehicle owners by saving huge amount of time to be spent on handing over the money to the operator

Q-Free Australia has also developed a free flow system which is known Multilane Free Flow systems (MLFF). Using this system, vehicle can be tolled even without passing through specific lanes, toll plazas or reducing their speed.

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