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Precision and calibrated, reference and tooling, machine calibration, carbide, ceramic, stainless, glass and ruby balls, single/double ended ball gauges.


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01/08/14 - Q.C. Systems introduces the new KURTSmart PROBE designed as a simple method to verify part measurement accurately in quality control processes.
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02/07/03 - COME precision dimensional measuring tables are proven gauging systems that have been used in Europe for decades, and are now available in Australia from QC Systems. The system can be used repeatedly as dimensions or parts change. No more dedicated g
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26/06/03 - DEVELOPED in consultation with industry and benchmarked against existing products, the Solartron block gauge addresses a whole new range of applications not covered by conventional gauging probes. It is simple to use, offers enhanced performance and
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20/02/03 - THE TSK Handysurf is a small but powerful instrument for shop floor use in measurement of surface texture (roughness) to international standards, and includes waviness analysis as standard.
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35 Ryan Road
Kinglake West
VIC 3757
Tel: 03 8488 8222
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AIM Apact Calibration Mgt Profix IQS D Pact DataLyzer Spectrum Design Ease Design Expert Federal Products ISOXpert KurtSPC KurtUSB Lion Precision M Pact Machsize Marposs O Pact Peacock Preventative Maint Profix IQS Proquis 9000 PROTEUS CMMS QSA HACCP QSA Specifications Quickie 11 Solartron Solartron Orbit Network Tasc Tesa

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