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Wavebar flexible noise barriers from Pyrotek Noise Control

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Wavebar flexible noise barriers from Pyrotek Noise Control provide an easy and effective solution for reducing noise through floors, walls and ceilings in all manner of applications including buildings, trucks, boats and ships. These flexible noise barriers are effective in muffling explosions and reducing environmental noise from loud sources such as jack-hammers, drilling rigs, pile drivers or mining operations.

Features of Wavebar flexible noise barriers include:

  • A specially engineered design consisting of mineral loaded polymer supported by reinforcing fabric
  • Limp and flexible in nature
  • High mass
  • Resonance free barrier to both low and high frequency noise
  • Internal damping characteristics make these flexible noise barriers well suited for use in stiff structures where resonance effects are a concern
Applications for flexible noise barriers include:
  • Partition wall interlining
  • Portable noise barrier screens
  • Domestic use for blocking traffic and aircraft noises
  • Floor and ceiling interlining
  • Acoustic doors
  • Soft enclosures for factory fans, machinery housings and enclosures
  • Strip curtains/drapes
  • Vehicles and marine vessels as flooring mats and engine curtains
  • Noise curtains
  • Mining barrier curtains
For easy and effective noise reduction solutions, Pyrotek Noise Control provide a product that is up to the task with Wavebar flexible noise barriers.

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