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Soundproofing by Pyrotek Noise Control Damps the Decibels in Giant Blow-Drier

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article image Pyrotek Soundguard soundproofing at the Akro-Pak brüel plant keeps noise down to 80 decibels

Akro-Pak brüel adopted soundproofing recommendations by Pyrotek Noise Control for their powerful but noisy blowers used to blow-dry 3000 produce crates an hour for Woolworth.  

Solutions provided by Pyrotek Noise Control have helped solve noise control problems facing designers in diverse manufacturing environments including transport, shipbuilding, automotive, mining and processing plants.  

Impressed with Pyrotek Noise Control’s people and products, Akro-Pak brüel Managing Director, Kevin Stapleton says that the Pyrotek representative was more concerned about finding the right solution, even bringing in a senior colleague for further evaluation and consultation.  

The Akro-Pak brüel plant at the CHEP facility has an 11-metre long drier station, which is incorporated into a 39-metre long wash-line.  

The drier station uses 20 centrifugal blowers of 7.5 kilowatts each to establish a gauntlet of air knives for the fold-down crates to run through, which swiftly strip them of all their moisture to below three grams per crate.  

Tests showed that without soundproofing, this giant blow-drier would at about 124 decibels compete with a rock concert at 50 paces.  

The Pyrotek soundproofing solution has brought this down to 80 decibels.  

More importantly, the noise generation is below the level demanded by an uncompromising staff setting tough standards on OHS matters within CHEP.  

The wash and dry plant is one of several built and installed by Akro-Pak brüel. Fold-down plastic vegetable crates are returned by Woolworth on pallets in random sizes.  

Hung on the conveyor, the crates go through a pre-wash, rinse, sanitisation and drying cycle before being re-sorted and distributed to farmers to begin their production cycle over again.  

Pyrotek Noise Control soundproofing ensures the health of workers through subdued plant noise.

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