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SUBDUE composite panel board from Pyrotek’s Soundguard

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New from Pyrotek’s Soundguard , SUBDUE is a construction grade composite panel board that provides boat builders with a construction material and soundproofing barrier to airborne noise all in one.

Ideal for the quality construction of floated interiors in boats in place of standard marine ply, the damped transmission-loss barrier-board comprises a unique core laminated between two layers of appropriate grades of marine plywood.

SUBDUE’s barium-loaded core has a long track record as a premium noise barrier in its own right.

Being fully damped, with improved transmission loss properties, SUBDUE provides significantly lower noise and vibration levels throughout the interior of the vessel.

SUBDUE’s soundproofing performance is superior to plywood, whose light weight and stiffness fail to discourage transmission of airborne sound, as through partitions and soles. Plywood also vibrates significantly from the transfer of structure-borne energy

By using it in conjunction with Sylomer (an elastic vibration isolation material), boat designers and builders can achieve a fully floating (isolated) interior, greatly adding to the comfort of boat owners and their guests.

SUBDUE is an effective noise barrier, especially to low frequencies, with no major coincidence dips and without adding greatly to the weight of the construction.

SUBDUE’s rating, as determined by an independent testing authority, depends on both the core mass and thickness of plywood facings, ranging from Rw29 to Rw35.

SUBDUE comes in sheets up to 2400 x 1200 in various thicknesses.

Easy to install, the material can be cut, drilled, fastened, sanded and finished as readily as any other construction panel material.

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