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Pyrotek to stamp imprimatur on Soundguard soundproofing label

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Pyrotek management has unveiled its move to stamp its imprimatur more clearly on its well-known Soundguard soundproofing label, which till now has been marketed successfully as an entity in its own right.

The move, which entails a change of logo, is aimed at making clear to customers who seek soundproofing, aluminium, foundry, glass, steel or specialty metal solutions that they can source all these needs from the one company.

Pyrotek has a 30 year history in Australia of developing and manufacturing its Soundguard range of noise control materials for the industrial, commercial, building and marine industries. Pyrotek’s Soundguard range includes flexible loaded vinyl barriers, acoustic absorbing foams, vibration damping materials and composite materials, each designed specifically to provide the optimal solution to noise or vibration problems in its target applications.

Renowned for its scientific approach to product development, Pyrotek relies on acoustic tests from independent laboratories to design and prove the soundproofing and fire-rating performance of its acoustic insulation products. Soundguard products are widely used throughout Australia and are backed by Australia’s leading qualified acoustic consultants.

Further, Pyrotek has R&D facilities in Melbourne to conduct accelerated aging and vibration, absorption and tensile testing on current and new generation acoustic products.

In addition, Pyrotek has branches in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Longford (Tasmania), Auckland (NZ) and Invercargill (NZ), with warehouse facilities in WA.

Quality certified to ISO9001, Pyrotek supports major customers of soundproofing with pre-specification advice and work-in-progress audits to ensure desired outcomes. Pyrotek also offers production kits of its materials cut and shaped to size for faster, no-waste installation in production-run operations.

Pyrotek counts, among its customers for acoustic materials, names such as Alcoa, BHP, Resmed, Evans Deakin, Volgren Buses, Clark Equipment, Riviera Boats, Premier Automotive Group (Rover) and Warren Yachts.

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