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Pyrotek Soundguard’s soundproofing kits supplied to Champion Compressors

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article image Custom shaping soundproofing production kit

Pyrotek Soundguard  supply custom shaping soundproofing production kits. Champion Compressors have bought the Sorberfoam F acoustic insulation that is cut to shape and labelled for ease of installation.

According to Champion Compressors, they have used Pyrotek Soundguard’s soundproofing to avoid wastage of time in their Australian-made line of rotary screw compressors for the past decade. The soundproofing kits play an important role in meeting their objective to make their compressors as quiet as possible, even up to the highest power model of 250 kW in the range.

Once predominantly an Australian brand, Pyrotek Soundguard’s range of products do not involve any ozone depleting substances or volatile organic compounds in their composition or manufacture.

According to Pyrotek Soundguard, they use quality methods and equipment to cut out the custom shapes and the pieces are backed by special adhesives, which do not promote shrinkage upon removal of the release paper.

Pyrotek Soundguard also supply Champion Compressors with Sorbertex Al, an aluminium-faced polyester soundproofing material and vibration isolation mounts used under smaller machines.

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