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Pyrotek Noise Control’s Research Commitment

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article image Development of Vibration Damping Compounds - ISO Test rig

Pyrotek Noise Control was invited to become part of NZi3 through the relationship between The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Michael Latimer, Technical Manager of Pyrotek Noise Control.

The NZi3 Innovation Institute is a partnership between the New Zealand government and the University of Canterbury.

At present Pyrotek are running research projects, and are always looking at methods to improve existing products. Right now they are developing new and innovative acoustic solutions for these products through the research carried out in the following projects.

Development of Vibration Damping Compounds

André Verstappen is carrying out an investigation into the relative effects of damping layer thickness, ambient temperature, substrate material, plate dimensions and clamping conditions, on a damping compound in a specified application (i.e. a design guide).

Light weight sandwich panels increasing acoustic performance

Tim is developing new sandwich panels with optimised sound transmission loss for use in various marine and industrial applications. The project is to complete a design guide for a range of panels with an analysis of their expected acoustic performance.

In particular Tim has been looking at the damped plywood range products.

Sound transmission loss of composite panels

André Cowan is studying towards his Masters of Engineering. His project is concerned with the sound transmission of wave slap and the control of noise through composite panels in marine applications. The existing construction methods require evaluation and further development to determine and improve the STL of multilayered composite systems using damped plywood.

Pyrotek has made a commitment to ongoing research in the area of noise control products. Right now they have have 7 staff members engaged in R&D based in Christchurch, Melbourne and Sydney.  

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