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LiteCore marine panels from Pyrotek Soundguard

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Pyrotek Soundguard  has released a lightweight marine panel called LiteCore which features good sound reduction properties.

LiteCore is made of calcium silicate, which is environmentally friendly and stable. LiteCore offers new design options for marine construction, particularly in cruise and ferry craft, high speed ships, bulk carriers, fishing boats and offshore oil rigs.

LiteCore, out of the Skamol production house in the UK, holds out the promise of speedier construction. It is easy to work with standard construction tools, and abutting panels position together precisely via built-in tongue-and-groove edges.

The features of the LiteCore panels are:

  • Core material is non-combustible and boasts positive buoyancy.
  • Complies to IMA A.754(18) AND MSC.61(67).
  • Supplied with surface skins of decorative HPL laminate, paper, glass tissue, veneers, plywood, sheet steel or aluminium.
  • Thickness ranges from 20.6mm with laminate surface skins to 96.4mm with steel skins. Weight per square metre can be as little as 8kg with laminate skins and from 17kg with steel skins.
  • Sound reduction ranges from 26 dB to 39 dB.
  • ized 2400mm by a width in the heaviest thickness of 570 mm up to 1200m in the lighter thicknesses.

Through its offices in Australia, China, Dubai, New Zealand and Taiwan, Pyrotek Soundguard provides full technical support for the LiteCore range.

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