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How to stop noise floor-to-floor

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article image This leaflet reveals how manufacturers recommend soundproofing to be installed.

Pyrotek Soundguard has published a free four-page leaflet, “How to deal with impact and airborne noise floor to floor”.

The leaflet outlines new demands for soundproofing laid down by the latest Building Code and provides specifiers with technical details on three materials that fulfill those demands.

The leaflet shows in detail how to install each of the materials and to insulate:

* A brick party wall to exceed Rw50

* A stud part wall to exceed Rw50

* An intermediate polished timber floor to exceed Rw45

* An intermediate floor where soft floor coverings are planned, to exceed Rw42

* An intermediate concrete floor to exceed Rw60

* An existing ceiling to exceed Rw45

* Gurgling bathroom, kitchen and laundry pipes.

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