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High strength, flexible acoustic insulation

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article image Wavebar Soundbaffle easily cuts, shapes, drapes and wraps.

WAVEBAR barium-loaded acoustic insulation is now being marketed as Wavebar Soundbaffle and offered in the range of noise control solutions from Pyrotek Soundguard .

This is the result of an acquisition by Pyrotek of the noise control division of Plastyne Products in early 2002.

The acquisition includes the transfer of highly specialised production equipment and of technical personnel boasting long expertise in quality control of the product and in advising specifiers on its use.

Unlike traditional building products, whose ability to block sound falls off dramatically at lower frequencies, Wavebar Soundbaffle remains effective even against noises in the ear-pounding "woofer-through-the-wall" range.

This makes it a material of choice for insulating walls and roofs acoustically against traffic and aircraft as well as"neighbour noises".

Being easy to cut, shape, drape and wrap, Wavebar Soundbaffle is particularly fast and cost-effective to install even in and around awkward shapes such as pipes and ducts.

Although flexible, the product's high tear and tensile strength enables it to support many metres of its own weight, eliminating the need to add studs or frames.

A variation also added to the Soundguard range is Wavebar Quadzero, a name derived from this product's top rating (ie, zero) in all four fire-resistance and related indices when tested to AS1530.3, making it suitable for applications such as airport noise abatement projects, ceilings and wall cavities.

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