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Echohush acoustic panels improve sound clarity at Christchurch’s Ad Lib Café

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article image The Ad Lib Café & Deli
Pyrotek Noise Control  installed Echohush acoustic panels at the Ad Lib Café & Deli situated in Christchurch’s University of Canterbury to reduce reverberation and enhance sound clarity.

The owner of the new cafe approached Pyrotek Noise Control to assist in developing an improved acoustic environment for customers and to make the café a pleasant space for live entertainment. The high reverberation times in the café resulted in a persistent build-up of echoes when conversations took place.

Pyrotek was commissioned to design and supply customised sound absorbers for the new café, which also had to complement the interior design of the space.

Pyrotek first conducted an impulse response test to measure the level of reverberation time within the room. The reverberation time was recorded at 1.3 seconds, what should have been below 1 second for a room of that size. This was attributed to the cafe’s open entertainment plan containing reflective wall surfaces, a high racked ceiling and mezzanine level, resulting in excessive noise levels during busy periods and presenting poor conditions for live entertainment.

An acoustic model was developed to determine the amount of sound absorption that was required in the room, and to identify the most effective product placement. Pyrotek installed 28m² of Echohush Metro panels across three walls and 10m² of Sorberpoly textile sound absorber on the mezzanine level, reducing the reverberation times to below 1 second.

The Picasso pattern painted to match the café’s colour scheme was chosen for the Echohush panels with the decorative and functional sound absorption materials providing a polished finish to the café’s themed interior.

Key results of Pyrotek’s acoustic solution:

  • Reverberation time reduced to 0.8 seconds, below the predicted value as well as the client’s expectation
  • Improved clarity of sound within the room
  • Interior aesthetics enhanced through the decorative panel designs
  • Customers able to hear and enjoy the live entertainment as well as hold conversations

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