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Echohush Cosmo acoustic panels from Pyrotek Noise Control resolve noise problem in NSW church

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article image Echohush Cosmo acoustic panels resolved the noise problem at the Uniting Church hall

Echohush Cosmo, the latest innovation from Pyrotek Noise Control for room acoustic solutions has been installed at the Uniting Church in Hornsby, New South Wales.

The Uniting Church faced an ongoing problem in its public spaces with worshippers unable to understand the priest during the service.

The main public areas comprise of two halls separated by a thin, movable wall with a carpeted space hosting devotional services on one side and a wooden-floored hall echoing to activities, meetings and noisy gatherings on the other.

The Church’s trustees asked RSA Acoustics/SLR Consulting to conduct an assessment of the problem.

Determining the acceptable acoustic conditions to suit the range of uses is a common problem in multi-use spaces. The problem can be measured as reverberation time or decay time of reflected sound energy.

RSA Acoustics/SLR Consulting took measurements that showed the space was excessively live with reverberation times exceeding two seconds in all the mid-range frequencies. Materials with good absorptive properties were needed for noise control.

Further investigation revealed that the walls and floors were not ideal for acoustical wall treatment. The plasterboard ceiling was then identified for the installation of the absorptive panels, either suspended from the ceiling or fixed to the ceiling.

Products that act as acoustic absorbers are rated by their Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC; higher the NRC number, the better the performance. Considering the high pitched roof, Echohush Cosmo acoustic panels were selected as their high NRC of 0.90 made them the most suitable soundproofing materials for the job.

Six groups of nine panels were required to reduce the reverberation time with the installation being carried out by James Gifford of Gifcon Constructions.

Echohush Cosmo acoustic panels are light and sturdy panels manufactured from laser cut metal, which is robust, non-burning and easily installed. Decorative slots in the panel allow the acoustic cavity infill to absorb noise energy.

Available in a choice of six designs and multiple colours, Echohush Cosmo acoustic panels are attractive, effective, modestly priced and maintenance-free. The client chose Pacifica in Riversand colour to complement the room’s decor.

The ceiling-mounted Echohush Cosmo insulation has achieved the primary objective of noise control to the satisfaction of the clergy and the parishioners.

Echohush Cosmo acoustic panels are ideal for installation in residential as well as commercial applications, providing enhanced privacy and acoustics in homes, schools, bars, restaurants, call centres, studios, showrooms and theatres among others.

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