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Dural Music Centre benefits from Wavebar flexible acoustic insulation from Pyrotek Noise Control

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article image Dural Music Centre has installed Wavebar flexible acoustic insulation in their 12 studios

Pyrotek Noise Control was pleased to provide Dural Music Centre with Wavebar flexible acoustic insulation to help isolate each of its 12 teaching studios so that lessons can be conducted without disturbing other classrooms.

Wavebar flexible acoustic insulation is a simple and effective means of reducing noise through walls, floors and ceilings, in buildings, automobiles, trucks, boats and ships. It provides ideal performance in muffling a variety of sounds, from music to industrial noise.

A specially engineered material consisting of a mineral-loaded polymer supported by a reinforcing fabric, the limp, flexible nature of Wavebar acoustic insulation, combined with its high mass, provides a resonance-free barrier to both low and high frequency noise. The internal damping characteristics make it especially suited to use in stiff structures where coincidence and resonance effects are a concern.

Wavebar flexible acoustic insulation comes in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 8kg per square metre weights, and thicknesses range from 1.6mm to 3.5mm. Pyrotek Noise Control recommends a service temperature of -10ºC to 80ºC, with an upper limit for intermittent exposure of 120º. Its STC (Sound Transmission Class) ranges from 23 to 30 and its Rw from 23 to 30 (C –1: CTR –3).

This is the second Wavebar installation Lucas Barrett of the Dural Music Centre has undertaken successfully himself.

“If you asked me how I would rate out of ten the importance of Wavebar soundproofing to the success of our business, I would give it a 10. We have had a twenty piece big band playing in studio seven, our large rehearsal studio, without unduly interfering with a violin lesson two studios away on the same side and a guitar lesson across the corridor,” says Barrett. 

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