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Acoustic underlays from Pyrotek Noise Control

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Sound suppressing equipment from Pyrotek Noise Control provide quality performances, including the range of acoustic underlays provided. Acoustic underlays are designed to significantly reduce the transfer of impact noise between floors.

Acoustic underlays from Pyrotek Noise Control include:

Silentstep acoustic underlays

  • Offers excellent support for all types of carpet
  • Performs especially well on lightweight flooring materials such as timber, fibreglass and composite panel materials
  • Uses a decoupled mass barrier technique, composed of flexible, high mass (4kg/m²) noise barriers laminated to a layer of high performance 8mm thick, decoupling foam
  • Areas of use include all types of buildings, concrete, timber, composite floor systems or floating floor systems
Soundmat acoustic underlays
  • Low profile, high mass noise barrier bonded to a flexible closed cell foam decoupling layer
  • Noise barrier is faced with an abrasion resistant vinyl wear layer
  • Economical and acoustically effective material
  • Does not require further protective layers
  • Areas of use include floormats and firewall covers in trucks, buses, boats, cars and construction machinery, engine curtains in marine applications and vibrating surface covers in hydraulic tanks, plastic granulators, small generator set enclosures and small compressor enclosures.
Soundune acoustic underlays
  • Designed for applications requiring a combination of absorption and barrier material where a range of ambient temperatures are involved
  • Design comprises of aluminium faced, thin, flexible, high mass loaded polymeric noise barrier laminated to lightweight 25mm thick acoustic grade Sorberglass F
  • Sorberglass F has been formulated to meet stringent IMO and SOLAS non-combustibility requirements
  • Excellent thermal insulation for the outer polymeric barrier is provided by Sorberglass F as well as significant acoustic absorption
  • Sorberglass F also serves to decouple the outer barrier layer from any structural vibration in the contacting surface or pipe
  • Areas of use include vibrating surfaces, pipes, duct lagging, floors, firewalls and 4WDs.
For an effective and well designed sound suppressing floor solution, acoustic underlays from Pyrotek Noise Control provide excellent performances.

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