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Acoustic underlay stops noise through floors

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article image Silentstep stops noise through ceilings and floors.

A NEW version of an acoustic underlay has been released by Pyrotek Soundguard , a division of Pyrotek, colour-coded to symbolise its noise-stopping abilities.

With a red facing that says "no go" to sound through floors and ceilings, new Silentstep has proven effective against extremes of floor-to-floor "neighbour noises".

These include through-floor noises in domestic situations such as between upstairs and downstairs apartments and in commercial premises.

An Australian-made composite, Silentstep comprises a quality rubber underlay and a highly flexible loaded vinyl.

Its construction makes Silentstep one of the most cost-effective soundproofing materials available to architects, interior decorators, floor-layers and building managers.

The product is effective against airborne noises such as hi-fi woofer reverberation. But it is just as effective against impact noise, such as heavy footfalls pounding on the floor above.

Assigned sound transmission class STC 28, Silentstep not only scores high in strength tests but also in impact tests. Tests prove that Silentstep's original work compression is barely affected after 1000 impacts, delivering 90-95 per cent of the "as-new" figure.

Also after 1000 impacts, it retains a deflection, under 100kPa, of 3.0-3.5mm.

Soundguard offers Silentstep in 1100mm wide rolls, 10mm thick and 4m long.

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