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A coat of silence

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article image Soundpaint can trim 45 decibels off vibration noise.

SOUNDPAINT is a water-based damping compound of synthetic resin and fillers, available from Pyrotek Soundguard , that can be sprayed or troweled onto metal, plastic and timber surfaces to cut vibration noise.

Suitable for heavy earthmoving equipment and plant enclosures, Soundpaint is formulated to achieve as thick a sound insulating layer as is needed in a build-up of 2mm coats, each needing only 15 minutes of between-coats drying time.

Tests show that 6mm of Soundpaint on a 6mm thickness of aluminium achieves a sound transmission loss of up to 40 decibels, while just 3mm of Soundpaint on 3mm of galvanised steel achieves up to a 45 decibel improvement.

Soundpaint is non-toxic and UV-stabilised. It resists water, grease and oil, can be over-painted, and is environmentally-friendly.

It is ignition-retardant. When dry it wears well and readily washes clean off application equipment using water.

Available also with a non-slip texture, Soundpaint comes in a variety of standard colours or can be matched to customer specification. Even its viscosity can be varied to suit customers' needs.

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