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Engineered to the specific designs for low, medium and high pressure usage, The Valves and Manifold supplied by Pyrosales are available in a wide range of materials. The materials are custom selected for the body, trim and seals to suit the pressure, temperatures and fluids in the process systems.  

The materials used for manufacturing are based on ASTM / DIN / BS and other relevant standards depending upon the requirements of the customer. Most of the products manufactured are in stainless steel or Carbon Steel. Both the materials confirm to NACE MR01 – 75 for specified corrosive applications & requirements.  

All the products are manufactured using latest state of  the art technology. The products are machined for tolerance and compliance with international standards. All products undergo quality checks at every stage.  

All valves and manifolds are supplied with certificate of conformance for material, performance & type tests.  

Pyrosales offers a series of Manifolds Compact Piping and Control in lines involving pressure and differential pressure instruments. Manifold eliminates several parts used in the conventional method of piping with individual valves and adaptors resulting in cost savings. Their compact design reduces space requirements for operation and installation. Internal porting arrangements within the Manifold, eliminates leakage points.  

Manifolds are available in 2, 3 and 5 Valve construction.  

Two Valve Manifolds are used in pressured instruments such as pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches, differential pressure gauges etc.  

Three and Five Valve Manifolds are used in differential pressure instruments such as differential pressure transmitters, differential pressure switches, differential pressure gauges etc, as well as level/flow transmitters.  

Three Valve Manifolds are the most commonly used manifolds. They may be provided with test ports on the Process sides and drain ports on the Instrument side for drawing of the Process and Instrument lines respectively.  

Five Valve Manifolds are normally used with differential pressure instruments where drain valves are required on the Instrument sides. They are also used for flushing of the system and prevention of loss of expensive process fluid in the impulses.

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