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Transducers for level temperature measurements available from Pyrosales

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Pyrosales  provide transducers for various applications. Transducers available from Pyrosales are broadly categorised Continuous Level Transducers and Multi Float Level Transducers. These transducers offer accurate reading of temperatures and are available with a optional temperature sensor that can be attached within the assembly, if required.

Continuous level transducers available from Pyrosales are custom designed to suit all types of applications. Made with a stainless steel float, these continuous level transducers have the capacity to withstand pressures up to 3000kPag and temperatures between 5°C and 100°C. Continuous level transducers are available in flanged or screwed process connections. There is a provision to incorporate an optional temperature sensor (RTD) into the assembly. These transducers are ideal for use in hazardous areas as they can be fitted with an Ex ‘ia’ transmitter.

The level temperature sensor range also includes sensors for multi float levels. These are custom designed float switches, made of stainless steel floats. These float switches can be reversed to give an open or a closed contact on rising level. They are designed to withstand temperatures of 120°C and pressures of 3000kPag and are available in either screwed or flanged process connections. An optional temperature sensor (RTD) can be incorporated into the assembly if required. These float switches are equipped with safety cutouts that shut down the system when an unusual occurrence takes place. Multipoint level switches are available as flanged and screwed.

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