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Thermocouples and temperature sensors for industrial and general use from Pyrosales

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Pyrosales  are providers of temperature measurement sensors. They specialise in standard and precision temperature measurement sensors which include humidity controls and temperature controllers. There are different types of calibrators, pressure gauges, transducers and simulators also available from Pyrosales.

The Temperature Sensors range includes equipment such as thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermowells and food industry sensors. Thermocouples are temperature sensors popular for their versatility, low cost and ruggedness. A thermocouple consists of a continuous circuit made with two different metals joined together. An electromotive force or voltage occurs when there is a difference in the temperature between 2 points. Thermocouples are of several types and broadly categorised as general purpose thermocouples and industrial thermocouples. Thermocouples are made from different metals and for diverse temperature ranges and accuracies.

Resistance Thermometers (RTD) are temperature–sensing devices. They change resistance at a predetermined rate, as a result of change in the temperature. There is a predictable increase in the resistance with increasing temperature. Platinum, copper and nickel are metals used in Resistance Thermometers and can be wired in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations.

Thermowells are mainly used in industrial temperature measurement applications. They provide isolation between a temperature sensor and the environment.

Thermowells allow for the removal and replacement of the temperature sensor without compromise of the ambient region or the process. Food Industry Sensors are used for temperature control and help in determining if the products are cooked well enough to kill bacteria. These sensors are carefully constructed so to ensure that there is no breeding ground for contaminating bacteria. Pyrosales also supplies temperature sensors for the glass industry. 

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