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Pyrosales develops HVAC sensors

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article image Pyrosales flexible averaging HVAC sensor

In April of 2009, Pyrosales was approached by Brisbane air-conditioning service and installation firm, Isothermal, to investigate providing a locally produced flexible averaging temperature sensor. Accepting the challenge, Pyrosales worked closely with the company’s field engineering staff to fully understand the requirements of their industry and its specific product needs.

Drawing on 25 years of industry experience in the field of temperature measurement technologies, Pyrosales was able to rapidly develop new products suited to Isothermal requirements. Design, development, prototype testing, and production of two new thermistor-based HVAC sensor products was completed in just 14 days.

The new HVAC sensors use a high quality IP65 rated industrial junction box and compatible cable glands, ensuring there is no potential for moisture to enter the unit. This makes the HVAC sensors more robust, accurate, and reliable, and eliminates potential failures caused by internal shorting and corrosion. The design allowed Pyrosales to successfully increase the overall product quality and greatly reduce the unit cost, when compared to existing HVAC sensors.

Pyrosales’ flexible averaging sensor can be configured with a range of thermisters or RTD elements, and are interchangeable with existing products such as those made by Trane & Mamac. A stainless steel sheathed, single sensor model, suitable for duct and pipe applications, has also been produced.

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