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Hitele fibre optic systems available from Pyrosales

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Available from Pyrosales , Hitele fibre optic systems can help to maintain process control and ensure safety.

The use of optical fibres as a temperature sensors is a relatively new technology. Fibre optic technology uses a laser light source to inject a light pulse along an optical fibre. Mostly, the pulse travels to the end of the fibre and disappears, but the small proportion of backscattered light that is reflected back along the fibre is collected and analysed within an opto-electronics unit to provide information about the temperature of the fibre.

The essence of the output is a profile of the temperature along the whole length of the fibre, for lengths up to 30 km and further. The entire length of the fibre can be divided into zones which can be as little as 1 metre long, with different temperature readings in each zone.

The fibre optic systems can be set up to provide a temperature profile of the fibre length or to give an alarm if the preset temperature limits are exceeded.

The Hitele fibre optic systems supplied by Pyrosales have a temperature accuracy of +/- 1ºC and can operate between -200ºC and 500ºC. Fibre optic systems are also intrinsically safe and can be used for remote operation.

Features of Hitele fibre optic systems include:

  • Comprehensive model range from specialised fire alarm units to 30km range model 
  • Complete Turnkey Package from design to installation and training 
  • Temperature Accuracy of +/- 1ºC 
  • -200 to 500ºC Operation 
  • Single Ended Operation 
  • Not Affected by Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) 
  • Intrinsically Safe 
  • Remote Operation

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