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Bimetal dial thermometers from Pyrosales

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Available now from Pyrosales , the Bimetal thermometer is a dial thermometer that is highly rugged, yet very simple in construction.

Used for the measurement of temperature in most industrial applications, the Bimetal dial thermometer uses a bimetal strip in the form of a helix and works on the principle of thermal expansion.

Supplied in a range of (-) 500C to 6000C, Bimetal dial thermometers have a rigid stem with bottom or back entry and are also offered in every angle rotatable construction.

Key features of Bimetal dial thermometers from Pyrosales include:

  • rugged construction
  • hermetically sealed case
  • die cast aluminium with screwed bezel
  • shatterproof glass
  • fast response 
  • weatherproof protection of IP67
  • accuracy ± 1% FSD
  • high repeatability, low hysteresis.

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