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Rescue and fire protection equipment from Pyro-tection

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Pyro-tection  provides rescue and fire protection equipment, lifeline and motorsport equipment and military gear. Pyro-tection commenced operations in 1993, and was initially providing Fire Protection equipment. Later, Pyro-tection extended its services to specific products like motor sport and fire equipment, and height safety and rope rescue tools.

Pyro-tection is operated by personnel with experience in rope rescue, road crash rescue and extensive urban and wildfire firefighting.

Pyro-tection's expansion on products and service is focussed more on new product ranges in specific areas. It also provided an on-line shopping facility. Pyro-tection's major project was supply of  roof top safety kits  to Victorian State Emergency Services in Australia.

Pyro-tection supplied riot control trailers and specialist foot ware to the Australian Army and  also undertakes consultancy services on rope rescue equipment and rappelling from helicopters. Supply needs of some of the largest outdoor education providers also are undertaken by Pyro-tection.

Pyro-tection in partnership with Crossfire Australia provides products and services for the military and emergency services. Pyro-tection provides rescue equipments from five different windows. These window shops are named in accordance with the area of product application. These shops are called 'Arbor Gear Shop', 'Rescue Shop', 'Military Gear Shop', 'Motor Sport Shop' and 'Wilderness Gear Shop'.

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