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PCB assembly services from Puzzle Precision

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Located in New South Wales, Puzzle Precision has been providing PCBs assembly services for past fourteen years. Established in 1994, Puzzle Precision has been serving its clients by providing high quality assembly of PCBs for past several years. 

Puzzle Precision is known as a leader in electronic assembly services and specialises in offering high quality assembly of PCBs. Puzzle Precision has a huge customer base from defence and communications industry that avail its superior products that are highly required in many industries because of their quality and reliability.

Puzzle Precision has enormous assembly capabilities such as surface mount assembly, through hole assembly, centrifugal pcb washing facility, three automated pick and place machines, cleanliness testing facility, prototype assembly and many more that enable it providing high quality PCB assemblies .

The prototype assembly capabilities enable Puzzle Precision producing prototypes of different kinds of PCBs assemblies ranging from small quantity batches to medium and large quantity production runs. Some rigid and flexible PCBs such as PTFE (Teflon), FR-4, ceramic and aluminium substrates are also provided with complete assembly by Puzzle Precision.

The high-end rework facilities at Puzzle Precision enable professionals soldering both standard lead-tin and Pb-free products. Puzzle Precision also offers the procurement services for a wide variety of electronic components. PCB fabrication services are also provided by Puzzle Precision for the benefit of the customers.

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