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Purple Pig offers unique acoustic insulation noise control products

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Purple Pig  is a pioneer in offering high quality acoustic insulation products. These acoustic insulation products help customers solving various noise problems. The professionals at Purple Pig work closely with the suppliers that help them advising customers applying suitable acoustic insulation product for ultimate noise control.

Purple Pig is associated with Latimer International as their potential manufacturing representative. A complete range of Acoustop acoustic insulation products is represented by Purple Pig throughout Australia on behalf of Latimer International.

Acoustop noise insulation products are well-recognised in the industry for past more than twenty years. These are high performance acoustic insulation products that are used on a large scale for controlling the noise.

Acoustop's products from Purple Pig are used for reducing the noise transmission with the help of a heavy loaded rubber barrier along with some unique acoustic absorbers. These absorbers soak up various noise energy and vibration control materials. This results into ultimate products for controlling the unwanted noise.

These acoustic insulation products help creating quiet environment at workplace and saves from hearing loss. This improves the communication and safety. These products are highly safe and reliable and do not cause any kind of metal reaction. Purple Pig’s acoustic insulation products are humidity and hydrolysis resistant and can be re-sealed easily.

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