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Pump Technology Services offers quality systems for wells

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Wellmaster is known to be a highly efficient and flexible rising main system from Pump Technology Services that is specifically designed to maintain the wells. Pump Technology Services provides this innovative system to be used in ground water abstraction. Wellmaster system is a unique and flexible alternative to traditional rigid systems.

Pump Technology Services developed these systems around twenty eight years back and it is still the first choice for users worldwide. More than fourty thousand wells depend upon the Wellmaster system from Pump Technology Services.

Pump Technology Services’ Wellmaster system is highly efficient and solid. High tensile synthetic yarns are used and circular woven in the manufacture of a Wellmaster system. These yarns are completely encapsulated to provide a tough and high performance in all the environments. Wellmaster can be obtained with various other systems from Pump Technology Services and can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Wellmaster 120 is a light duty system from Pump Technology Services that can be used for domestic, industrial and rural applications. Pump Technology Services also offers Wellmaster 200 which is a heavy duty flexible rising main system and is ideal to be used for mining and water utilities

These systems can easily be handled and are highly resistant to corrosion, microbiological attack and scaling. Wellmaster systems from Pump Technology Services are energy efficient and cost effective systems that can save up to twenty percent lifetime energy.

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