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ZCD screw centrifugal pump range

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article image ZCD screw impeller centrifugal pump.

TECNICAPOMPE’S new versatile ZCD screw impeller centrifugal pump offers excellent performance in terms of flow rate with a gentle low shear pumping action that preserves the original features of the transferred media. It is available from Pump Systems Ltd .

The special shape of the ZCD screw impeller enables the centrifugal pump to transfer solids or whole foodstuffs without any damage to the product or clogging of the pump.

The pump is suitable for applications in the food, processing, pulp and paper and chemical industries.

The ZCD screw impeller centrifugal pump is available in many different sizes and versions for flow rates up to 1,400m3/h, heads up to 30m with a maximum solids handling size of up to 100mm and temperatures up to 120°C.

The ZCD centrifugal pump can be used with a wide variety of thick products up to 1000 centipoise or with products that have solid particles in suspension of up to 60% solids and 40% water.

The centrifugal pumps can be supplied in polished 316 stainless steel materials or in 304 stainless steel.

The products can be fitted with a range of mechanical seals and suction and discharge food specification fittings.

The ZCD centrifugal pump has a long history of pumping delicate green and black olives in Spain, Greece, Turkey and Italy.

Other products suitable fro the pump include fruit, whole vegetables such as onions, potatoes, peas, beans, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, sauces like Italian pesto, boiled poultry meat, tomato sauce, cheese curd, juice concentrates, winery must, dairy processing plants and pumping live fish up to 25cm length.

The largest version of the ZCD centrifugal pump can transfer live fish up to 40cm long and 1kg in weight without damage.

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