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article image The ROTAMIX nozzle tank mixing system.

ROTAMIX nozzle tank mixing systems have no moving parts inside the tank.

Available from Pump Systems Ltd , the innovative ROTAMIX mixing system uses fixed nozzle assemblies and once the nozzle assemblies are installed, the nozzles are adjusted to the factory specified angle and permanently tightened. No additional adjustment is required.

Nozzle assemblies are offered in single and double nozzle configurations, depending on tank diameter and depth. The systems can be installed in tanks up to 30m diameter and also rectangular tanks.

All fittings are ductile cast iron and glass-lined for abrasion resistance, reduced friction and to eliminate Struvite adhesion.

The tapered nozzle barrels are 25mm thick for long-term wear protection.

The entire assembly is white metal sandblasted and then powder coated with 3M TM Scotchkote TM Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating, a one-part, heat-curable, thermosetting epoxy coating for superior surface protection.

Each nozzle mixing assembly includes a 10-year full replacement warranty.

The unique mixing flow pattern created by the ROTAMIX system eliminates dead spots, reduces energy requirements and virtually eliminates solids settling out inside the tank.

The ROTAMIX mixing system uses an externally mounted Vaughan Chopper Pump that will handle solids and sludge containing rags, fibres and hair and stops the problem of fine fibres and hair reweaving into small clumps inside the tank.

The ROTAMIX mixing system can be retrofitted to existing digesters, sludge tanks industrial process tanks, storage tanks and chemical tanks.

All ROTAMIX designs are supported by CFD analysis, either by standard modelled geometries, or using customised models designed to meet specific application parameters on a consultation basis.

ROTAMIX mixing systems offer efficient mixing with reduced energy costs and the system is not effected by the liquid level in the tank.

The ROTAMIX nozzles require no maintenance at all and the mixing system can be used to fill and/or empty the mixing tank.

Typical applications include mixing anaerobic digesters, sludge storage tanks, sludge blending tanks, industrial storage tanks, chemical tanks, pulp and paper black liquor tanks, liquid fertiliser tanks, waste containment tanks in refineries and solids re-suspension tanks in the mining industry.

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