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Self-priming centrifugal chopper pumps

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article image Self-priming centrifugal chopper pump from Vaughan.

VAUGHAN Co, represented in Australia by Pump Systems , has released two new large high efficiency centrifugal self-priming chopper pumps suitable for flow rates up to 1360m3/h with a non clog guarantee.

The heavy duty Model SP8N (250mm discharge) and SP10R (300mm) discharge centrifugal chopper pumps complement the very successful smaller Model SP4 and SP6 centrifugal chopper pumps.

These large self-priming centrifugal chopper pumps use the same proven and patented design of a hardened impeller, cutter bar, upper cutter and upper cutter, which allows the pump to chop and pump solids full of waste material, without clogging the pump.

The clearances inside the pumps can be adjusted externally for ease of servicing and the pumps can be glass lined for abrasive wastewater.

Vaughan’s self priming centrifugal chopper pumps are ideally suited for applications in all types of processing industries and in local authority wastewater treatment plants and pump stations.

The chopper pumps are suitable where traditional submersible wastewater pumps suffer clogging problems when trying to pump solids with wastewater, stormwater, sewage and waste streams containing solids such as mop heads rags, rope, gloves, plastic lids, bags, spoons, strapping, cardboard, wire, wood, metal strapping, meat wastes, offal, vegetables, chicken wastes, fish wastes, scum and sludge.

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