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Precision air flow control valve

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article image The EGGER IRIS energy saving valve.

EGGER IRIS central flow axis control valves are used for precision control and regulation of air flow in aeration tanks from blowers or compressors in wastewater treatment plants.

Hysteresis free and excellent regulation characteristics are the prerequisites for regulating tasks. This is achieved by the IRIS valves’ continuously variable aperture from 0-100%, similar to the IRIS diaphragm of a camera, therefore this always maintains a central flow axis and by an enhanced segment edge design.

Energy cost savings and low noise emission are a feature of this enhanced design valve.

Fixed throttling apertures and imprecise regulating methods cause unnecessary pressure losses and energy costs. Due to the almost free passage and low turbulence in the IRIS valve, these are reduced to a minimum.

Available from Pump Systems Ltd , the unique EGGER IRIS valve can operate in an energy saving manner, for example, with optimal valve apertures.

EGGER IRIS valves are available is sizes from DN 25 up to DN 600 in a range of material options and offer robust construction designed for continuous operation, particularly suitable for variable duties.

They can be supplied with hand lever control, hand wheel, electric and pneumatic control and also with a mass flow measurement sensor and control system.

The control valves are non-clogging due to the free central flow design and the automatic self-cleaning feature of the segment edges during valve operation.

Applications for EGGER IRIS valves include air flow control, sugar suspensions, sewage, sludge, paper stock and drinking water.

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