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Multichopper for handling waste streams from Pump Systems

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Multichopper is ideally suited for inline macerating for a wide range of local authority and industrial applications and is available from Pump Systems Ltd.

The fluid/solid mixture flows from one side to the other side of the macerator and would be installed in front of a positive displacement pump.

Heavy solids such as stone etc accumulate in the lower compartment of the unit and can easily be removed through the side mounted cleaning port. Solids flowing with the fluid penetrate the screen shear plate and the double knife action ensure good macerating results.

The knife tension to the shear plate is adjustable from the outside of the unit and a central shaft clamp construction keeps the assembly axially aligned. Both sides of the shear screen plate are equipped with tri-blades, enabling six macerating cuts per rotation.

The screen plate is in a radial fixed position and is held in place between the two knifes along the shaft. The shaft seal is furnished with a proven mechanical seal with quench and control.

The Multichopper incorporates a maintenance friendly design. By opening the front clamped cover plate, all rotating parts can be maintained and/or replaced from the front without the need of any special tools.

The side set-up of the motor/reducer configuration enables easy movement of the hinged cover including all shaft mounted devices. The Multichopper is ideally suited for handling fibres, rags and ropey materials that clog down stream pipe systems and valves.

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