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High separation rotary drum screens

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article image Exceptionally high separation efficiency.

LACKEBY high efficiency Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens will separate solid particles and fibres from liquids down to 0.6mm.

Available from Pump Systems , Roto-Sieve drum screens are based on proven technology with a self-cleaning function that delivers very good results and minimises maintenance with high operational reliability.

They will provide a long service life with low energy consumption.

Due to the innovative design of Roto-Sieve internal feed system and the circular perforations in the screen, it has been shown in practice that a fibre or hair has a very small chance of orienting itself at a right angle and against the water current to pass through a round hole compared to a slotted screen used by traditional rotary screen manufacturers.

Because of this feature, the Roto-Sieve rotary screen offers exceptionally high separation efficiency.

Roto-Sieve rotary drum screens are available in five models for low rates up to 290 litres per second and are supplied in either stainless steel (1.4301) or acid-proof steel (1.4436) materials.

Standard drum perforations are 0.8, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm and the smallest perforation available is 0.6mm. The drum screens can be supplied with the removable splash guards in stainless steel or glass-fibre reinforced plastic and the drum brushes are manufactured in polypropylene/nylon materials.

More than 3200 Roto-Sieve drums screens have been supplied to date to a wide range of industries including meat processing plants, tanneries, food and vegetable plants, pulp and paper plants, wineries, local authority wastewater treatment plants, etc.

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