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High pressure horizontal radial split multistage pumps

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Duchting Pumps are ideally suited for high pressure mining and process applications as their unique range of model HK, LHK and MHK pumps are designed to run at 4 pole speed and can deliver flow rates up to 1500 m3/h, discharge pressure up to 180 bar and temperatures up to 180 degrees C. Because these pumps operate at 4 pole speed, they offer excellent wear resistance and reliability compared to pumps operating at higher 2 pole speed.  
Duchting pumps are horizontal, radial split, ring-section centrifugal pumps with axial thrust compensation by hydraulic balancing device (piston or disc). Shaft sealing can be by either stuffing box or mechanical seal (single or double acting) and the bearings are anti-friction bearings with grease or oil lubrication. A range of materials are available including cast iron, bronze, carbon steel, creep resistant steel, Austenitic stainless steel and Duplex stainless steel.

Applications for these heavy duty radial split multistage pumps include pumping clean or slightly contaminated, chemically neutral or aggressive liquids. They are suitable for booster pumps in chemical applications, main and secondary mine haulage systems, main cooling and spray nozzle systems, water supply and water treatment applications and seawater desalination projects.

When mining coal and ore underground, the pit water which accumulates has to be pumped away to prevent it from flowing through the working area. Normally this is done by pumping the pit water to the surface. Right from the start Duchting Pumpen created a solution for retaining the water in the mine using heavy-duty centrifugal high-pressure pumps running at 1450 rpm compared to 2900 rpm.

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