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article image Self-contained treatment system.

PUMP Systems has introduced the innovative Salsnes SFK series filter, a fully-automated channel mounted mechanical wastewater treatment system for pre or primary treatment.

This new series of Salsnes wastewater filters was originally designed for fish farming applications, however the units can also be used for a wide range of municipal or industrial applications.

The SFK filter is a compact, low energy, self-contained primary and secondary treatment system which requires little operator involvement. Suspended solids greater than 200 microns can be continuously removed as comparatively dry sludge up to 35- 40% solids by weight.

The Salsnes filter continuously filters incoming wastewater and, as the flow increases and/or decreases, the speed of the filter belt is adjusted accordingly via a sensor. The filter belt is continuously cleaned by air from a packaged blower so that the sludge and solids drop into the dewatering unit.

Water is used to flush the filter belt 2-4 times a day (100-400L/day). No high pressure pumps are required as used on traditional screening equipment and the filter mesh is available from 0.1mm up to 1mm in size.

The all-stainless steel constructed SFK models (stand-alone) are provided in 4 different basic versions supporting a wide range of flow rates and with no limitations in flow capacity designs.

The units can be supplied with or without the dewatering system.

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