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Heavy-duty air operated diaphragm pump

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THE unique ODS pump is an air-operated diaphragm pump available from Pump Systems Ltd . It comes in sizes ranging from 1 ½ inch up to 4 inch discharge.

As it is a diaphragm pump it is superior to centrifugal and helical screw pumps for heavy-duty performance.

The ODS is significantly superior to mechanically or hydraulically operated models due to its simplicity of control and evenly distributed power transmission, according to Pump Systems.

The ODS diaphragm pump is designed and built for truly long-term, year-in-year out, heavy-duty performance.

It weighs more than two or three times more than air-operated double diaphragm pumps, lasts longer, and pumps slurries that no other pump can handle.

There is no truly equivalent unit says Pump Systems. The pump will efficiently transfer anything that moves through a pipe such as: delicate crystal slurries, highly concentrated and unusually viscous slurries, highly abrasive slurries, highly corrosive slurries, very large solids in slurries, extremely volatile slurries, delicate and unstable slurries, air entrained slurries and shear sensitive liquids.

The ODS diaphragm pump can be automated to match capacity to process requirements for maximum process efficiency.

The ODS diaphragm pump's construction allows it to be operated dry, indefinitely and the operation is completely leak-proof.

The pump cannot air bind, has no stator to burn out or seal to fail and the ODS pump is adjustable while in operation for maximum flexibility for both capacity and discharge pressure.

The ODS diaphragm pump is a low maintenance pump and once installed it requires almost no attention.

The pump can handle tough corrosives, abrasives at temperatures up to 93°C and will pump slurries containing up to 75% solids.

The rhythmic plunger type action minimises particle degradation of even the most delicate materials.

A range of construction materials and linings are available for a wide range of industrial and wastewater treatment plant applications.

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