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Flexible membrane aeration system

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article image E-FLEX aeration system.

THE innovative E-FLEX membrane aeration system from INVENT was developed and optimised especially for application in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

At the heart of all biological wastewater treatment plants are activated sludge tanks, with their mixers and aeration systems, and this is an area that INVENT, represented by Pump Systems , specialises in.

Typical aeration applications include: BOD Removal/Nitrification in conventional activated sludge plants., Denitrification with facultative or intermittent aeration, Sequencing-Batch-Reactor Processes (SBR), BOD Removal/Nitrification in carousel basins, oxidation ditches, aerated lagoons, and Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR).

E-FLEX is an innovative aeration system which consists of singular free oscillating tube membranes. When air enters the membranes they arch up and their small slits open allowing the air to escape in the form of fine bubbles. The upward directed water flow between the individual tube membranes causes a light oscillating movement of the tube-membranes. This leads to a high bubble separation frequency and therefore simultaneously creates small bubble sizes.

The E-FLEX aeration system consists of air distributors with air and tube connectors, tube binders, and an end piece with tube connectors. The distributors, as well as the end piece, are produced with high quality stainless steel. The special design of the tube nozzle provides for a uniform distribution of the air and simultaneously acts as a back valve and a security device for breakdowns.

The E-FLEX aeration system are supplied as assembled modules or as disassembled kits. The stainless steel frame aeration modules are normally attached to the floor to the tank, however they can also be supplied with a lifting kit to provide ease of installation and removal from sites where they are not fixed to the floor.

The slit tube membranes are made of proven "EPDM" rubber. Other materials are available on request. The air distributor, end pieces, and tube binders are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel.

The down pipe, binder and nozzles are made of wastewater resistant materials which can also be recycled. Every aeration module contains a separate air supply which enables them to be individually shut off.

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