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article image Invent HyperClassic mixers are suitable for square, rectangular, round and carrousel tanks.

THE unique Invent HyperClassic mixer, available from Pump Systems Ltd , has a hyperboloid body and drive shaft, which is made of fibre-glass reinforced plastics.

The body is also coated with a special gel with a polished surface. The hyperboloid mixer body is located near the tank floor where the mixing energy is concentrated downward to create high velocities on the floor of the tank.

This effect creates sweeping micro vortices that move out from the centre of the mixer on the floor of the tank in a radial pattern to the side walls.

The flow then proceeds up the side walls back to the centre of the mixing pattern in the tank. This prevents settling out of material and dead spots forming on the floor and in the corners of the tank.

The mixing pattern also creates an even and calm mixing effect on the surface without the problem of odour and aerosols forming.

Invent HyperClassic mixers are ideally suited for square, rectangular, round and carrousel tanks.

Invent HyperClassic mixers are low speed (20-50rpm), non-corrosive, offer low maintenance, high longevity and the motor energy required can be up to 50% less than a conventional mixer. Because of this, standard geared motors are used, as there are no side or upward forces on the mixer shaft.

The mixer body can measure from 500mm up to 2.5m in diameter, subject to the design of the process and size of tank.

Mixer applications include nitrification as well as BOD and COD reduction, mixing wastewater and sludge tanks, stormwater tanks, buffer tanks, chemical, food, pulp and paper, mining and all types of industrial mixing projects.

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