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Various brands of pumps supplied by Pump engineers

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Pump Engineers  supply various branded pumps which are suitable for various industrial as well as residential applications.

Fybroc pumps are resistant to corrosion and consists of several interchangeable parts. It is ideal for heavy duty applications such as chemical process, desalination, mining, petroleum, sewage and water waste. Graco pumps are double diaphragm pumps which can easily handle low as well as high viscous fluids and made from abrasion and corrosion resistant materials. Therefore it can be ideally used for several arduous process.

Grundfos pumps supplied by Pump Engineers are mutistage pumps ideal to suit high pressure conditions. It could be used for various purposes such as aquaculture, boilderfeed, building services, desalination, chemical process, petroleum, mining, water supply and many others. These are sophisticated pumps and thereby enables cost effective running.

Hawk pumps consist of brass power heads and corrosion resistant wetted parts which are driven by electric motors or petrol engines. It could be used in farm or domestic areas, manufacturing, water supply. Omac pumps are rotary lobe pumps which are ideal for use in pharmaceutical and food processing industries. It can also pump out the viscous products. Regent pumps supplied by Pump Engineers has a non return flap value which enables to maintain the liquid in the pump after initial priming and largely suited for marine applications.

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