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TC900 tube cleaners available from Ptronik

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The TC900 tube cleaner, available from Ptronik , is designed to clean the high and low pressure air tubes to the dust collector. The TC900 tube cleaner is an addition to the ODC202 tube cleaner.

The delay time potentiometer sets the off time between cleaning cycles and pulse time and determines the on time from the high pressure as well as high pressure air flow to the collector. When activated, valves A and B cut the high and low air flow to the differential pressure indicator to avoid any damage to the instrument. After a set dwell time of approximately three seconds, valve C energises for the duration set by the pulse time potentiometer and the high pressure cleans the high and low air tubes to the collector.

There will be a small movement of the pointer in the instrument due to residual pressure in the solenoid, but this does not harm the instrument. Every time power is switched on, the unit starts off with a cleaning cycle irrespective of setting of the delay time potentiometer. This feature is convenient to check the function of the unit without waiting.

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