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Ptronik supply customised dust collector system to Thailand

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Ptronik formerly P Thomas Electronics , supply major customised dust collector system to Thailand. The controller is designed to operate any of one blast guns, provided some strict conditions are met. The start up and the shut down functions follow predetermined fixed sequences.

The dust collector systems are made of the following components:

  • A dust collector with a fan and the rotary lock
  • A sequential dust collector timer ST10DC
  • An air conveyor
  • A sweeper
  • A blast gun and light
  • Room lights

The dust controller control board is fitted with an emergency switch that will STOP the operation of the dust collector, Air conveyor, Rotary Lock, sweeper and blasting guns. The dust collector box is also fitted with a main isolator switch. The main light switch for the abrasive blasting room is located on the front panel. Provision has been made to connect gun lights to the controller.

To be able to operate the blast gun, the following conditions must be met:

  • All doors must be closed
  • Dust collector operating and Rotary lock
  • Air conveyor operating
  • Sweeper

When these conditions are met the following lights will be ON, the four (4) green lights
if any door is open, the blasting will be disabled.

Start up sequence

When the dust collector START pushbutton is depressed the:
a. Dust collector fan, rotary lock the sequential timer (ST10DC) will turn on.
b. When the Air Conveyor push button is depressed the Air Conveyor and the vibrator will turn on
c. When the Sweeper 10 push button is depressed the sweeper will operate
d. The blasting guns can be used provided the doors are closed

Shut down sequence

When the dust collector STOP push button is depressed the system will switch off immediate.
When the air conveyor STOP push button is depressed all will switch off except for the dust collector. When the sweeper STOP is depressed, first this will disable the blasting guns and stop the sweeper. When the system is turned off the sequential timer ST10DC will stop
pulsing after a certain number of preselected cycles. Blasting can only occur when all doors are closed.

Warning lights

The green lights indicate that:

  • Dust collector is ON
  • Rotary lock is ON
  • Air conveyor is ON
  • Sweeper is ON

The yellow lights indicate a malfunction of the following:

  • Dust collector
  • Rotary lock
  • Air conveyor
  • Sweeper

An additional two lights indicate a malfunction of the forward sweeper limit switch and the first reverse sweeper limit switch. The yellow flashing light will operate when the sweeper travel time is exceeded, the sweeper can be reactivated when the RESET push button is depressed. When the blue light is ON the blasting can proceed.

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