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Ptronik supplies ODC-TC differential pressure indicators

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ODC-TC differential pressure indicators, distributed by Ptronik , have been designed to monitor and display the differential pressure across the clean and dirty sides of a dust collector.

This achieves effective on demand cleaning to ensure extended bag or cartridge life, as well as reducing compressed air consumption and improving filter efficiency.

These differential pressure indicators will identify a preset high level limit, and start a timer or sequencer that will operate until the preset low level has been reached, then stop the sequence.

When the differential pressure increases and reaches the preset alarm level, a relay will energize and a red LED indicates DP to high.

A switch has been fitted on the front panel to operate the timer manually and bypass the differential control.

A 4-20 mA current loop has also been fitted to these differential pressure indicators for external monitoring. This delivers an output signal that is proportional to differential pressure.

The zero may be adjusted with pressure ports open to atmosphere.

A tube cleaner has been incorporated into the design of these differential pressure indicators to ensure the on demand cleaning function. This cleaner consists of three air valves controlled by the processor.

At power on and every hour there after two valves will close the air flow to the high and low inputs of the pressure sensor and after a short delay the third valve will open for a short time and release high pressure through the air hoses to remove any blockage.

The operation of the valves is indicated by LEDs on the front panel.

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